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At Sentry Exteriors we pride ourselves in providing you with the very best quality product, and by best we mean seamless. Gutters that are not seamless are set up for failure, it is only a matter of time before the seems begin to leak and your gutters will quickly break down and need to be replaced. At Sentry Exteriors we offer our gutters in three different materials: Aluminum (which is offered in over 30 different colors), Galvanized steel and copper. The price of the gutters increase in the order mentioned prior and all of Sentry’s 5″ and 6″ K-Style gutters, as well as 6″ Half Round gutter are seamless and made on site to your exact needs. Having your gutters installed by Sentry Exterior’s professionals is beneficial in many ways. First you know that you are getting the best  quality product that is available in dozens of colors, sizes, and materials like aluminum, galvanized steel and copper. To maximize the life of your gutters please look into the gutter guard options Sentry Exteriors offers.

Every home is unique and different and may require some special adjusting or attention. Below is a table in which may determine the needs and specification for your home.

Gutter Hanger Spacing Gutter Position Gutter Sizing
GUTTER HANGER SELECTIONIn deciding which hanger style is most acceptable, please consider such things as appearance, expected life, ice loading, size of a gutter or gutters, material and expansion.  When fascia board is less than 2″ thick, the hanger fasteners must be driven into the rafter ends.
In areas subject to snow slide, coordinate the front edge elevation of the gutter or gutters with the extended roof line.
RECOMMENDED GUTTER PITCH AND POSITION ON THE EAVEThere are two factors that go into determining gutter position on the eave, the pitch of the gutter and the roof slope.
Gutter should be pitched 1/16″ or greater per foot for proper drainage. Gutter can be run level for appearance but addition downspout will be necessary
Gutters should be placed below the extended roof line so that snow and ice can slide clear.  Steeper pitches require less clearance.
PROPER GUTTER AND DOWNSPOUT SIZING DESIGN OF ROOF DRAINAGE SYSTEMS ROOF DRAINAGEThe roof is one of the most essential parts of a building as it protects occupants, contents, and interior of the structure from the elements. Once an architect has determined the kind of roof he intends to use, he must give equal attention to the design of the roof drainage system.Factors to be considered in the design of roof drainage
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