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Most do not realize the level of variety and number of options that are available when deciding on the right gutter system for one’s home.  Sentry Exteriors offers both the traditional ‘K-Style Standard’ gutters as well as the classic look of ‘Half-Round’ gutters available in both 5” and 6”.

Customers typically choose the half-round gutters for its classic look and aesthetic beauty. Although the K-Style gutter is able to handle a heavier water flow than the half round due to shape, the Half round gutter is still both efficient and functional.

Beside s the two designs, there are also different materials and sizes available for gutters.  Both K-Style and Half-Round Gutters are available in aluminum, galvanized and copper and in both 5” and 6”, which increase in price in the following order.

At Sentry Exteriors all of our K-Style gutters in 5” and 6”(aluminum, galvanized and copper), as well as all of our 6” Half-Round Gutters (aluminum, galvanized and copper) are seamless. Seamless is always the best installation and gutter solution. Without seamless you will always have the potential to have leaks and compromises.

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